Event Management

Organising an event can be a daunting task, particularly for the first time, wether by an individual or a committee. While the scale of events varies dramatically, the principles of event management remain the same.

Planning and preparation are crucial to achieve a successful event.

Some of the Key Elements are:

  • Understanding WHY the event is to be held
  • Who it is for and who will benefit
  • Clear Focus and Defined Objectives

Timing and location can have a significant effect on the overall success of the event.

When considering timing, the hour of the day and month is important, as other events may compete or compliment the event you are organising.

Location is critical to consider as there are many variables, including facilities available for the event needs, accommodation and transport that can all impact on the event success.

If there is an organising committee, it is important to assign clear roles and responsibilities to each member and an Event Manager appointed who has overall control and being responsible for major decisions and directions of the committee.

A comprehensive Event Checklist is critical to ensure all aspects of the event are considered and responsibilities can be assigned. Some of these include venue, staffing, equipment, communication, catering, facilities, transport, trophies and ceremonies.

It is important to have a budget to ensure all costs are accounted for and when a comprehensive event plan is established, all costs can be applied to all the elements of the event.

There are a number of other considerations such as sponsorship, promotional material, publicity, licence approvals and legal requirements.

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